About us

The Immigrant Council for Arts Innovation (ICAI) is an arts council based in Calgary, Alberta. Founded in January 2019 with the purpose of connecting newcomer and immigrant artists and creative professionals to the existing arts community in Calgary. We strive to provide resources and information that would assist newcomer and immigrant artists turn their passion and creativity into thriving careers or businesses.

ICAI actively encourages diversity of expression and culture through the creation of a safe and welcoming community hub where newcomer and immigrant artists feel free to express their distinct cultural identities through their arts.


To inform, support, connect and establish newcomer and immigrant artists.


To create an inclusive and safe community for newcomer and immigrant artists in Calgary

What We Do (Programs)

Provide specialized information and resources for newcomer and immigrant artists.

Create free, inclusive and tailored networking events for newcomer and immigrant artist practice

Provide support for artistic growth through career and business development strategies and mentorship.

Team Members

Toyin Oladele

Founder and Director

Smitha Varghese

Programs Manager

Priya Badda

Admin Coordinator


Dee Adekugbe

Board Chair

Antonio Machado

Vice Chair

Sakshi Sharma


Nupur Gupta


Celine Vides


Sanja Lukac


To join our team kindly send an email to admin@icaionline.org indicating your area of interest with your resume.